How To Upload Speed Tests To

October 24, 2023
cellular coverage map of Denver, Colorado

How To Upload Speed Tests To in 4 Steps

  1. Download a speed testing application. We recommend the free app called SpeedSmart, whom we partnered with.
  2. Run a cellular speed test. Using your preferred speed testing app of choice, turn of Wi-Fi and run a test on your cellular connection. Please note that running a speed test typically uses about 0.1GB - 1GB of data per test. This is important if your cell phone plan has a limited amount of data each month.
  3. Create a account and login. Creating an account keeps all your speed tests in one place. Plus, you will earn points and achievements for uploading your results!
  4. Import your speed tests. You can share your speed tests directly to the Coverage Map application. Your speed tests will automatically important and be instantly viewable on the Speed Map!

You can help build a more accurate cellular coverage map by uploading speed tests to!

In addition to creating better coverage maps for everyone, uploading speed tests to gives you four key benefits:

  1. You get a searchable interactive table of al your results
  2. You get your own personal map view
  3. You earn achievements
  4. You earn points for the leaderboard

1. Download A Speed Test App

Speed test apps are apps that test the speed and performance of your internet connection.

The speed test app we recommend is called SpeedSmart.

SpeedSmart app store page displayed on an iPhone and a Google Pixel 7 Pro
SpeedSmart is a free app for iPhone and Android that can test your network performance

We recommend SpeedSmart because it’s completely free and available for both iPhone and Android. It has a great design, works on a network of hundreds of high-performance speed test servers for accurate results, and allows you to run as many tests as you want.

2. Run A Speed Test

The second step is to run a speed test. 

First, make sure your Wi-Fi is turned off so you’re using your cellular connection. 

Then, open your speed test app of choice and run a test. The app will measure your cellular download speeds, upload speeds, ping, and jitter. We use all of these data points in our coverage map.

You can run as many tests as you’d like in as many locations as you like!

We add all speed tests to the map, so the more areas you test in the more accurate the map will become.

Testing the T-Mobile network speeds using the SpeedSmart application
SpeedSmart measures download speed, upload speed, ping, and jitter

We add all speed tests to the map. The more areas you test in, the more spots will get filled in on the coverage map and the better picture we will have of a carrier’s coverage. 

Be mindful that cellular speed tests consumes a lot of cellular data, especially if you have a fast connection.

You typically want a high data plan with 20GB, 30GB, or even unlimited data if you plan to run more than just one or two speed tests.

3. Create Your Free Account

On the website or mobile application, create a free account.

We support both sign in with Apple and sign in with Google.

If you ever choose to no longer participate in this project in the future, you will always have the option to fully delete your account and all the speed tests you have uploaded.

4. Upload Your Speed Tests!

Once your account is created, go back to the speed test app and tap the "Export Results" button.

This typically looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it.

The speed test app will generate a CSV file of all your speed tests. A share sheet should pop up, and you'll be able to share the CSV file directly to the Coverage Map app. Your speed tests will automatically be uploaded to your account and mapped in real-time! When you go back to the Coverage Map app, you will see your speed tests on the Speed Map.

Other methods of uploading your speed tests include:

  • Emailing the CSV file to (the speed tests will be attriubuted to the account matching the email address you sent the email from)
  • Saving the CSV file to your device and then tapping the "upload" button from the Settings tab in the app
  • Emailing yourself the CSV file and uploading the results on the web browser version of the map

We appreciate you taking the time to upload your speed test results, and for helping to build better, more accurate coverage maps for everyone!

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