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Meet the new CoverageMap Speed Test

Measure your cellular data speeds. Contribute to the fastest-growing map of crowdsourced cellular coverage. Completely free.

Our Maps

Interactive maps with rich information.

Speed Map

A crowd-sourced map of the cellular data speeds on every carrier.

  • See download speeds, upload speeds, and latency
  • Customize the map with filters & color options
  • Find the best carrier in your area
The Speed Test Map
Map of the United States with cellular signal strength data overlayed on top

Signal Strength Map

Explore where carriers have great, good, and poor reception.

  • Created with data from the FCC
  • Detailed heat map view
  • Estimate where cell towers are located

Coverage Report Map

Data-driven reports of cellular performance in every state, county, city, and ZIP code in the U.S.

  • Poor, good, great, and excellent coverage areas
  • Weighted median speeds
  • Speed distribution curves
  • Time of day performance
The Speed Report Map colored by the carrier with the best overall performance in each area

Cellular Coverage Reports & Analysis

Read our reports to learn about trends in cellular coverage and performance.

How does work?

We're a cellular coverage map that works by having community members contribute data to the project. The map updates in real-time as community members upload data, helping everyone get a clearer picture of what coverage is truly like.

Coverage Map app
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1. Create a free account

Create your free account to enjoy three key benefits:

  1. Your own personal coverage map
  2. The ability to compete on the state and national leaderboards by earning points
  3. The ability to unlock fun achievements

2. Run Tests

Use the free Coverage Map app to measure your cellular connection. Your speed tests are processed in real-time and are instantly viewable on the map.

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3. Explore the map

Compare cell phone coverage and performance. Set custom filters. See what network is best in your area.

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