June 7, 2023

Find the Best Carrier in Your Area with Coverage Search

What carrier has the best coverage in your city or state? We built a tool to help you find out.

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Have you ever wondered what carrier has the best coverage in your area?

Us, too.(It's kind of our thing.)

So today, we’re launching a new tool called Coverage Search.

Coverage Search is a new tool that helps you find what carrier has the best coverage in any state, county, city, or ZIP code across the US!

To determine the #1 carrier in every area, Coverage Search combines the signal strength data published by the FCC with the over 2+ million speed test data submitted by our community (that’s you all!). 

We then use this data to rank each carrier on a scale from 0 to 10 on three different factors:

  1. Coverage area
  2. Data speeds
  3. Reliability

The coverage score is a representation of how good coverage is on a carrier in that particular area. It takes into consideration the total coverage footprint of each provider, as well as what percentage of the coverage area has great reception, okay reception, and poor reception. It also factors in the tower density.

The speed score represents how fast a carrier’s data speeds are. This data comes from real users running real speed tests in a particular area. 

And the reliability score is an indication of how often you’re likely to have a usable connection on a particular carrier. 

The coverage scores are summarized in cards at the top of each page:

A ranking of the best cell phone carriers in Boulder, CO using the coverage search feature
Verizon ranks best in Boulder, CO

We ran coverage analysis on each carrier in over 60,000 individual locations to make this tool work!

In addition to the summary cards at the top of a location page, you can also find more details summarized below.

The coverage section includes summaries about the total area each carrier covers. It tells you the percentages of poor, good, and great coverage on each carrier.

Carrier signal strength comparison in Boulder, CO

The speed section includes an analysis of median download and upload speeds in that area. 

Carrier speed comparison in Boulder, CO
Carrier speed comparison in Boulder, CO

And the best plans section offers recommendations for affordable plans that give you the best coverage in that area.

These cell phone plans all use AT&T for coverage
These cell phone plans all use AT&T for coverage

What carrier is best in your area?

Punch in your ZIP code here to find out: Coverage Search Tool

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